Our Adult Year-Round Programs


Kickboxing Fitness (subject to availability)


Adults can register in Kickboxing to learn "real" kickboxing punch and kick techniques as well as combinations.  From the warm up, hand wrapping, stance, footwork, kickboxing/boxing drills and combinations utilizing focus pads, abs routine, stretches and cool down.  A workout that will leave you feeling energized!


Family Fitness (subject to availability)

Fun strength and conditioning program to increase the whole family’s fitness level.  There are two separate classes for the strength and conditioning, while portions of the program are designed for the family to participate together in stretches, warm-ups and cooldowns as well as trust, leadership and communication activities. 


Women’s Boot Camp (subject to availability)


Human Moves Boot Camp is an energetic workout to give excellent results in fitness and fat loss accompanied by energetic and motivating music. This fun and dynamic program uses a wide array of different training methods. The program is designed to be challenging and encourages a supportive  and safe environment for all participants. 

75 Carl Hall Road, The Hangar, Downsview Park Sports Centre, Toronto, Ontario