Human Moves is located in The Hangar, an indoor recreational facility within the Downsview Park Sports Centre, which accommodates approximately 600,000 visitors per year to its soccer, ball hockey and beach volleyball facilities alone.

The Hangar is a 45,000-square-meter multi-purpose facility, formerly an aircraft hangar for the de Havilland Aircraft Company and later the Canadian Forces.

Downsview Park is located at the centre of the Greater Toronto Area and combines an innovative park in an urban setting, offering a diverse range of public activities and programs. More than one-half of the site has been designated as park, integrating forests, ponds, trails, active and passive play areas, sports fields, gardens and related uses. The remaining land area is dedicated to five new sustainable neighborhoods, which are integral to the vibrancy and stewardship of the urban park. 

Human Moves takes advantage of the many facilities located within Downsview Park, including K1 Speed indoor electric go-karting ,True North Climbing indoor rock climbing gym and Urban Squash Toronto. In addition, we take our ice hockey campers to the Scotiabank Pond indoor ice rink, Volleyball Canada and HoopDome.  


Unfortunately at this time due to restrictions for child and youth programming by health authorities and the Hangar facility, we have made the decision to cancel our Summer Camp this year.

75 Carl Hall Road, The Hangar, Downsview Park Sports Centre, Toronto, Ontario