What’s the camp’s philosophy?


We are dedicated to providing a fun safe experience for our participants. We are more than a child care program like most camps. We aim to give campers foundational sport skills to give them good self-esteem to participate in sports to make them active for life. We have some campers that are high level athletes in one sport but are sedentary and have poor self-esteem in other sports. Our program also focuses on well-rounding participants with a well-balanced Core Program that includes team building, leadership and communication, visual and performing arts as well as other skills that are building blocks for many activities and sports.


How does the camp recruit, screen and train its staff?


All staff are personally interviewed by the Camp Director after personal and work reference checks are done. Most staff come by way of recommendation. There is a comprehensive pre-camp for training with camp philosophy and programming. Staff are all chosen who already have specific skills and specialties but they are also given further training on several occasions before camp.


Do counselors have criminal background checks? First aid training?


All staff have vulnerable sector checks as well as personal and work reference checks. All staff under 18 have reference checks with their school principals and physical education staff. Almost all staff have emergency or standard first aid. We also have a nurse on call that is also at camp on location frequently.


What about return rates for counsellors?


This is our fifth year running at this facility. We have hired back almost all of our previous staff. We only hire the most exceptional staff that are hand chosen even though many come from high recommendations from school physical education staff, school principals and program directors.


What credibility and experience does the camp have and why is the location better than any other camp?


The camp ran with a different format in 2004 and 2005 as a sport specialty camp out of a TDSB facility and then found it’s home in the premier location Canada has to offer at Downsview Park with its national level indoor and outdoor playing fields,  courts and arenas. Downsview Park is the first Urban National Park in Canada and a national centre for elite and recreational athletes. We are the only outdoor camp over the 12 years of Downsview Park’s history that has ever been approved to run programming in the park. There is a very high level of scrutiny and standard of excellence by Downsview Park as to what programs are approved and supported. In addition to the previous camp, the camp owner has 10 years experience with another successful sport and aquatics camp that was run out of Petticoat Creek Conservation Area in Pickering. The camp director Bruna Amorim has excellent credentials. Bruna is a physical education teacher from Rio De Janeiro Brazil who played Semi-Professional soccer and has a wide range of sport and coaching certifications in many sports for all age students, young children to adults. Her experience is includes psychomotor learning with young children.

What’s the ratio of counselors to campers? How many children will be enrolled in each of the 4-5 year old groups during the summer period?

We have a 5:1 ratio for the 6 -12 year olds and the 4-5 year olds often have a 4:1 ratio. We generally have up to 16 campers per group.


How old are the counselors?

Counselors are 16 – 50.  Many are university age or higher


What medical staff work at the camp and what backup facilities are nearby?

We have a nurse on site. We also have a first aid instructor trainer, lifesaving instructor trainer and most staff have emergency or standard first aid.  


What is the camp’s approach to discipline and how does the camp handle conflicts between campers?

We are an approved program by the Humber College Child Youth Worker (CYW) Program.  Along with the directors and senior staff, we have had a CYW intern and a social worker on staff that worked with any discipline concerns at the camp as well as mentoring CITs and staff for continuous staff training during the summer.  Each year is different but we always strive to have excellent staff to serve the needs of the campers. We are very proactive and have a strong core program that has a strong focus on team building, social skills and self esteem which is very successful with creating great group dynamics with the campers. On the first day of each session we have an introduction and icebreaker program to get all campers comfortable with each of their group members.

What does a typical daily schedule look like?


8:00 – 9:00 Early drop off with supervised and mentored free flow activities stations (no extra cost)


9:00 Opening warm up activity (all camp)


9:15 Sport Set Activity (sport kids modified age appropriate sport set activities)


10:30 Core Activity (sport kids modified age appropriate core activities)


12:00 Lunch


12:30 Sport Set Activity (Sport Kids swim lesson)


2:00 Core Activity (sport kids modified age appropriate core and sport set activities)


3:45 End of Day Activity (all camp)


4:00 End of Day – Parent pick up


4:10 – 6:00 late pick up (at extra cost)


Will the camp be transporting the children to Frank’s Swim School?  What vehicles are used if any and how often are they inspected? Who drives them and what training do drivers have?


We have our own bus and bus driver to take and return our sport kid age campers to and from Frank’s Swim School. Frank’s Swim School is located just outside adjacent to Downsview Park so the campers are only on the bus for less than a 5 minute ride with a few of our staff members. Our driver is an experienced licences bus driver.  We have the bus safety inspected every  6 months and are fully insured and have all properly licensed bus drivers. There is a complete pre-trip inspection done of the bus before leaving each day.


Lastly, I notice that there is a Human Moves Facebook Page.  How can I access the pictures and videos to share with my children and friends that are interested in participating with Human Moves?


Human Moves Facebook Page has pictures, videos and testimonials that you can easily see by searching for Human Moves on Facebook or simply clicking on the Facebook link at the bottom of any page on this website.  You will have to have a Facebook account but if you don't you can create one at no cost with minimal information just to be able to view our Facebook Page.



Unfortunately at this time due to restrictions for child and youth programming by health authorities and the Hangar facility, we have made the decision to cancel our Summer Camp this year.

75 Carl Hall Road, The Hangar, Downsview Park Sports Centre, Toronto, Ontario