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Situated within a beautiful natural park setting in the center of Toronto, Human Moves Day Camp is an exciting, fun sports camp for children ages 4 to 15. We are committed to every child’s well-being and we strive to make it their best camp experience ever!

We want to empower children to discover their natural abilities through the exploration of many different activities and sports. Each day, campers choose their sports and activities which promote their development of new skills.


Options include racquet sports, ball sports, martial arts, dance, parkour, outdoor swimming, art, bike rides, outdoor play and nature walks through Downsview Park.

Emphasis is placed upon fostering cooperation, tolerance and teamwork. Our program is designed to keep children active while encouraging healthy competition and good sportsmanship.

We are excited to share! 

New changes and additions for Human Moves 2020


  • Introducing a new model where each camper will make their own daily choices of the sports and creative activities they would like to participate in.


  • Older campers will have access to parkour at Monkey Vault, bike rides and hikes through Downsview park (weather permitting) and they will also enjoy recreational outdoor swimming at Irving W. Chapley. 

  • Free Pizza Lunch every Friday for all campers. 


Sport Kids - ages 4 and 5

This fantastic program is specifically designed for boys and girls ages 4 and 5.

Sport Kids enjoy fun, creative activities that focus on their physical development across a wide spectrum of sports. 

We strive to build campers’ social skills, self-confidence, teamwork and good sportsmanship.


Swim classes and water play

Campers enjoy swim lessons and water play twice a week at Frank's Swim School specialty pool, located a few minutes away from camp.

Extras Available ($40 each)

  • Learn to Bike

  • Meal Plan* (Lunch and two daily snacks)

  • After Hours Care* (4 - 6pm)

* Week 1 and 5 - $32 

Activities and Daily Choices - ages 6 to 13


Every camper participates in exciting and fun sport activities to develop better hand-eye and foot-eye coordination as well as improve reaction time. 

Campers engage in a variety of Multi-Skill Activities including track and field, team building and a weekly scavenger hunt to foster leadership, self-confidence and social skills.


Campers will also make Daily Choices from a variety of sport and creative activities.

With access to national level outdoor and weather-safe indoor fields, arenas and specialized facilities, Human Moves campers enjoy these on-site activities:

  • Basketball at Hoopdome

  • Volleyball at Volleyball Canada 

  • Squash at Urban Squash Toronto

  • Parkour at the Monkey Vault


  • Recreational Swim (ages 6 - 15) at Irving W Chapley (5 min. bus ride)

  • Swimming Lessons at Frank’s Swim School (ages 6 and 7) available by request. (3 min. bus ride)

Daily Choices: 

Extras Available ($40 each)

  • Meal Plan* (Lunch and two daily snacks)

  • After Hours Care* (4 - 6pm)

  • Rock Climbing (7yrs. old and up)

  • Indoor Electric Go-Karting (8yrs. old and min. 48” tall)

Week 1 and 5 - $32

Leadership Program - ages 14 and 15

This program is a great introduction to “what it means to be a leader”. Counsellors-in-training are mentored and assist staff with all daily tasks, activities and outings.

Cost: $150 per week (Week 1 and 5 - $120)

Ball Sports 

  • Soccer

  • Floor Hockey

  • Volleyball

  • Basketball

  • Baseball

Racquet Sports

  • Badminton

  • Squash

  • Tennis

  • Ping Pong

Additional Choices

  • Martial Arts

  • Dance

  • Art

  • Bike rides and Hikes


Campers can participate in a variety of additional activities! Please click on an extra feature to learn more. 


Unfortunately at this time due to restrictions for child and youth programming by health authorities and the Hangar facility, we have made the decision to cancel our Summer Camp this year.

75 Carl Hall Road, The Hangar, Downsview Park Sports Centre, Toronto, Ontario