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This exciting sports program invites campers to participate in a variety of fun sports and creative activities to enhance hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, improve reaction time, and develop self-confidence, social and artistic skills.

​Swimming Lessons at Frank’s Swim School

Swim lessons will be twice weekly for campers 6 and 7 years old and for campers 4 and 5 years old. 

Frank’s Swim School is located at 1 Whitehorse Road - off Sheppard West at Allen Road. The campers will be bused to the pool. ​Please pack a swimsuit, goggles (choice), and towel on swim days.

This specialty pool is designed for young swimmers. Children enjoy the comfort of warm water (92°F), and terraced steps. Lessons are led by our certified swim instructors with a  3:1 ratio. Campers also enjoy free play as part of their swimming lesson. 


Beach Volleyball at Volleyball Canada

Campers will have lots of fun and enjoy age-appropriate drills and games in the sand at the National Beach Volleyball High-Performance Training Centre. 


Parkour at the Monkey Vault

Campers will have the option to participate in Parkour at Monkey Vault located in Downsview Park.

Parkour includes an instructional session by parkour experts and gives campers an opportunity to run through the courses, explore their range of movements, and overcome obstacles!

MANDATORY PARKOUR WAIVER must be completed in order for campers to participate in this activity.

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